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Silver Jubilee (1982-2006)   |  

Gallery   |  Programme Schedule

20th Kutiyattam Mahotsavam
1st to 12th Jan 2007 at Natarangu, Natanakairali, Irinjalakuda

Time: 6 PM


1st Jan

Nangiar Koothu |  Narasimhavataram   

A new production directed by G.Venu ,based on the text of Jayadeva's Gita Govindam depicting the Man-lion incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Performer: Kapila

2nd Jan

Nangiar Koothu |   Puthanamoksham

Kamsa realizing that Devaki's eighth son would be the cause of his death. He sends out Puthana and other demons to kill all the new born babies in the kingdom. Puthana finds her way to Krishna and feeds him from her poisoned breast. Krishna sucks out Puthana's life along with the milk and gives her moksham =96 release from the life-cycle.

Performer: Tomoe Tara Irino

3rd Jan


Soorpanakhangam Act 2 of Shaktibhadra's Ascharyachoodamani

Srirama's Purappad   Srirama and Sita reside comfortably at Panchvadi on the banks of river Godavari

Performer: Ammannur Rajaneesh Chakyar

4th Jan


Soorpanakhangam Srirama's Nirvahana

Lakshmana dutifully obeys his brother's orders. He scares away the wild animals with the twang of his bow and builds a leaf hut for the Lord and his wife to reside. Surpanakha sets out in search of a husband. After having searched all the three worlds she finally falls in love with Sri Rama. Taking the disguise of a lovely woman she approaches him to confess her love

Performer: Sooraj Nambiar

5th Jan


Soorpanakhangam Srirama's Nirvahana

*Srirama rejects Soorpanakha's love proposal by arguing that his wife is already with him. He sends her to his brother Lakshmana. On seeing a beautiful young woman roaming alone in the wild jungle Lakshmana suspects her reality. He excuses himself saying that he is leading an ascetic's life  in service of his brother and does not wish to take a wife. He sends her back to Srirama.

Performer: Ammannur Rajaneesh Chakyar

6th Jan


Soorpanakhangam Srirama's Nirvahana

*Lakshmana feels angry towards his mother who is the reason why his brother and wife have to live the hard life of the jungle.Srirama reads Lakshmana's thoughts and consoles him by saying that in reality the peaceful life in the forest away from all the burdens of kingly life is a blessing from mother Kaikeyi. He also explains that the death of their father just destiny

Performer: Pothiyil Renjith Chakyar

7th Jan

Kutiyattam |   Soorpanakhangam

Soorpanakha, after being rejected by Lakshmana returns to Srirama and pleads with him. Again she is rejected. Insulted she reassumes her real form and carries Lakshmana away by force. Lakshmana punishes her by cutting her nose and ears with his sword.


Srirama: Sooraj Nambiar
Sita: Kapila
Lalitha: Aparna Nangiar
Soorpanakha: Ammannur Rajaneesh Chakyar
Lakshmana: Ammannur Madhav

8th Jan

Nangiar Koothu |    Jarasandhayudhdham

On hearing that Krishna has widowed his two daughters furios Jarasandha goes to war with Krishna. After facing defeat 16 times he comes back the 17 th time. This time Krishna and Balarama pretend to flee into the forests and there once again defeat Jarasandha but spare his life in accordance to a voice from the skies.

Performer: Aparna Nangiar

9th Jan


Sakuntalam Kutiyattam Act Four and Five

Pregnant Sakuntala bids farewell to her father, friends and hermitage and goes to her husband's home. There Dushyanta does not even recognize her. Shattered she cries to mother earth for refuge. A light appears from the skies and carries her away.

Directed by G.Venu

Sakuntala: Kapila
Priamvada: Aparna Nangiar
Anasuya: Saritha Krishnakumar
Dushyanta: Sooraj Nambiar
Kanvashishyan, Sharngaravan: Ammannur Rajaneesh Chakyar

10th Jan


Jatayuvadham Kutiyattam Act Four of Shaktibhadra's Ascharyachoodamani

Ravana abducts Sita and tries to take her away in his air chariot. On hearing Sita's cries Jatayu comes to rescue her. Whils fighting, Ravana cuts off Jatayu's right wing by cheating and takes Sita away.


Ravanan: Ammannur Kuttan Chakyar
Sutan: Pothiyil Renjith Chakyar
Sita: Saritha Krishnakumar
Jatayu: Ammannur Rajaneesh Chakyar

11th Jan

Mandodari's Nirvahana

Mandodari's Nirvahana Performer: Usha Nangiar

12th Jan


Balivadham Kutiyattam Act 1 of Bhasa's Abhisheka Natakam

Sugriva seeks refuge on the Malyavan mountain. There he makes a treaty with Lord Srirama and Lakshmana and then goes back to fight with his brother Bali. During the dual, Srireama shoots an arrow at Bali from hiding. giving his Kingdom and son to Sugriva Bali breathes his last.


Sriraman: Pothiyil Renjith Chakyar
Lakshmanan: Sooraj Nambiar
Sugrivan: Kalamandalam Rama Chankyar
Hanuman: Harikrishnan.P
Bali: Ammannur Kuttan Chakyar
Tara: Saritha Krishnakumar
Angadan: Ammannur Madhav

Accompanying Artistes:

Mizhavu* Kalamandalam Rajeev
Kalamandalam Hariharan
Kalamandalam Narayanan Nambiar
Kalamndalam Ravikumar
Guest artiste: V.K.K.Hariharan
Edakka* Kalanilayam Unnikrishnan
Make-up Kalanilayam Haridas
Kalanilayam Sankaran
Talam Natanakairali Nirmala Paniker, Aparna Nangiar, Saritha
Krishnakumar, Kapila, Tomoe Tara Irino, Sneha.

Chief Guru and Kulapathy:
 Guru AmmannurMadhavaChakyar
  Recipient of PADMABHUSHAN from the President of India.

For further details please contact:

G. Venu,
Secretary, Ammannur Chachu Chakyar Smaraka Gurukulam
Irinjalakuda  680121

Trichur , Kerala, India
Ph:+91 480 2825559

visit us www.ammannurgurukulam.com




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